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Piano Tuning Pins ~ The “Life-Blood” of Your Piano

Piano Tuning PinsThe above picture is displaying tuning pins on a grand piano. Piano tuners adjust these tuning pins to bring a piano into pitch resulting in a harmonic and clean sounding piano which the pianist can enjoy.

The tightness of these tuning pins is the life-blood of your piano. When these pins become loose, the piano will no longer hold a tune. Ask your piano tuner to measure the tightness of the tuning pins on your piano.

Consult With Your Piano Tuner / Technician

It is best if these pins measure between 75 to 95 inch pounds. A piano is still tunable at 50 to 60 inch pounds. However, when tuning pins loosen to 25 to 30 inch pounds we generally consider that piano “no longer” a tunable piano. At that point, you need to consult with your piano tuner / technician and discuss your options.

Some Options To Consider For Pianos With Loose Tuning Pins

  1. Trade / Replace the piano
  2. Rebuild the piano and replace the pinblock
  3. Tap the tuning pins
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