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If you are scheduling a piano tuning appointment, then you are mostly interested in the Kansas City “work area” graphic on the left. Use it to decide in what work area you reside and then in the scheduling form select the appropriate open date and time for your piano tuning appointment that corresponds to your location.

If you are interested in discovering if I come to your area, then you are mostly interested in the image on the right. Understand I can be bought! So I will be happy to tune any piano in the continental United States for the right price. However, if you are interested in the areas I current tune pianos then you want to examine the image on the right.

The following color descriptions are for the image on the right ONLY!
  • The green area reflects the area I now service with no extra trip charges.
  • The yellow area reflects areas where I will usually travel for the first tuning only without an extra trip charge, but I sometimes will charge trip charges for future service (depending on time of travel and other factors).
  • The blue area reflects my route to one customer who lives in Macon, MO for whom I tune her piano every six months. So if, you live along that route you may be able to negotiate a reduced trip charge as long as you are willing to schedule on the same day that I am traveling to Macon.

Full size is 1692 × 735 pixels

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