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How Old Is My Piano?

Determine The Age of Your Piano Online

Where to look for piano serial number
Where to look for piano serial number

Before I can determine the age of your piano I, must have the pianos serial number. Look for the serial number in the areas marked with the large red “S”.

After determining the age of your piano, to determine the current value, read the article ” What is my piano worth?



Piano Age Request

This form is for customers or potential customers.

I do NOT respond to requests outside the Greater Kansas City area.

If you live outside of the Greater Kansas City area, please contact a piano tuner in your area. He should be able to help you.

It is such a shame, so many, so inconsiderate ~ seemly with no ability to read the above statement. They just would not stop, from all over the country they kept filling out the form requesting my time to look up information about their piano instead of calling a local piano tuner in their area;  therefore, I had to disable the request form.

Soon, I will be posting the request form again, however, this time it WILL NOT be free. 

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