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Piano Tuning

Call A Piano Tuner Professional

Violists, Cellists and Guitarists, care for their own musical instruments and tune them before every rehearsal or performance, while pianists, piano owners and piano teachers rely on professional piano tuners. This dependence sometimes lures piano owners into neglect. This is regrettable, for while the piano tuner professional understands the primary enemy of piano tuning and general piano health is humidity and temperature changes. The secondary enemy of piano health and longevity is the lack of service.

Why tune the piano when nobody is playing?

Even if, no one is playing your piano the weather is playing it 24 hours a day, and it requires regular tuning.

Manufacturers design pianos with approximately 20 tons of string tension when tuned at A440 standard pitch. When, pianos drift off-pitch the curvature of the soundboard changes. The entire structure of the piano shifts. This bending and shifting is counterproductive for the health of your piano.

Piano Tuning Reinforces Preventive Maintenance

As with many assets in life, pianos develop problems over time and piano tuning can reinforce preventive maintenance. The watchful eye of the piano tuner can help to avoid thousands of dollars in repair and potentially avoid losing all value.

Sometimes customers “roll the dice” with their pianos by not having them tuned for years. To take such a gamble with instruments that cost thousands of dollars just to avoid a couple tunings each year seems counterproductive, and certainly only use a piano tuner who is a trained professional.

From Steinway & Sons:

Tuning is an art practiced by skilled professionals and under no circumstances should anyone other than a professional be allowed to try to tune your Steinway piano.

Piano Tuner Customers Say: