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Piano Sounds In the Middle of the Night

Piano customers trying to sleep

Today I was reminded of a funny piano story that happen many years ago. I tuned and serviced a piano for a customer who lived many miles away from Kansas City.

About a week later they were calling me about hearing a strange sound coming from the piano in the middle of the night while they were trying to sleep. They wanted to know what could be done about the noise.  I wasn’t thrilled about driving all the way back to where they lived, but happy customers are very important to my business, so I scheduled an appointment to return and hopefully fix their noise problem.

Solution to Strange Piano Sounds

After examining the piano, I could find nothing that would make such a noise and really had no idea what was going on. About another week passed, and the customer called again, and said they found the problem. Mice were crawling across the strings at night plucking the strings with their little feet.

Those pesky little critters can cause a great deal of damage to a piano. Along with the usual deposits they make in waste product they love to make nests under the keys, etc. They also love to gnaw on the keys.

More Mouse Damage to Piano Keys

Piano Keys Damaged by Mice

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