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Piano Brands ~ Manufacturers

List Of Piano Brands And Manufacturers

Over the years, there have been thousands of piano companies making pianos! The following is not intended to be an exhaustive list of piano manufacturers. Perhaps this list will be useful in discovering more about many of the popular brands and manufacturers of pianos on display in dealer showrooms.

  • August Förster
    Mfg. in Germany
  • Baldwin
    owned subsidiary of Gibson Guitar Corp.
    Names used: Baldwin, Acrosonic, Hamilton, Classic, Chickering, Wurlitzer, ConcertMaster,
    No longer used: D.H. Baldwin, Kranich & Bach, Howard, Ellington, Monarch
  • Bechstein
    German piano
    mfg. ~ American office in New York City
    (Reference: Bechstein America )
    Names used: Otto Meister, Heintzmann, Ellington, Story & Clark, Wyman, Linden
  • Blüthner
    Leipzig, Germany piano company
  • Bösendorfer
    Austrian piano manufacturer, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha .
    (Reference: Bosendorfer Purchased by Yamaha )
  • Boston
    Designed by Steinway Musical Properties
    Mfg. by Kawai Musical Instrumen t Mfg. Co. Ltd. Hamamatsu, Japan
  • Chavanne
    French piano
  • Dongbei Piano Co., Ltd.,
    Third largest piano producer in China
    Owned by Gibson Guitar ( Baldwin Piano Co.)
  • Essex
    Designed by Steinway
    Mfg. by Young Chang
  • Estonia
    European piano
    mfg. in Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic
  • Fandrich & Sons Pianos
    Pianos imported from China and rebuilt in Stanwood, Washington as Fandrich & Sons Pianos
  • Fandrich Piano Co.
    Centralia, Washington piano company
  • Fazioli
    Mfg. i n Sacile, Italy
  • Feurich
    Mfg. in Germany
  • Haessler
    Mfg. by Blüthner
  • Hallet & Davis
    Mfg. by Dongbei Piano Co., China
  • IBach
    mfg. by Daewoo Electronics, Yeoju, South Korea, Rud. Ibach Sohn, Schwelm, Germany
    No longer being sold in the US
  • Irmler
    Mfg. by Blüthner
  • Kawai
    Mfg. in Japan
  • Mason & Hamlin Co.
    Mfg. in Haverhill, Massachusetts
  • Overs Piano
    Mfg. in Australia
  • Petrof
    Mfg. i n Prague,Czech Republic
  • Pleyel & Co.
    Mfg. i n France
  • Pramberger
    Korean pian
    o mfg. by Samick / Young Chang
  • Ridgewood
    Distributed by Weber ~ Probably manufactured by Dongbei Piano Co, China,
  • Royale Piano Co.
    Korean Piano Co.
  • Samick Piano Co.
    Manufacturing sites in Korea & Indonesia
    Manufacturers of: Kohler & Campbell, Pramberger, Sohmer & Co., Wm. Knabe & Co., Conover Cable
    Recently acquired: Seiler Piano.

  • Schimmel
    Manufactured in Braunschweig, Germany
  • Schulze Pollmann
    Mfg. i n Turin, Italy
  • Seiler
    Mfg. in Germany, recently acquired by Samick
  • Shigeru-Kawai
    Mfg. b y Kawai
  • Steingraeber & Söhne
    Mfg. i n Bayreuth, Germany
  • Steinway & Sons
    Mfg. in New York & Hamburg, Germany
  • Story & Clark
    Names used: Story & Clark, Hobart M. Cable, no longer used: Classic, Lowrey, Hampton
  • Stuart Piano Co.
    Mfg. i n Australia
  • Suzuki
  • Walter, Charles R.
    Names used: Charles R. Walter, Janssen
  • Weber
    Mfg. b y Young Chang
    Names used: Weber, Sagenhaft

  • Welmar Pianos
    Mfg. in England
  • Wurlitzer
    Mfg. by Baldwin
    Names used: Wurlitzer, J & C Fischer; No longer used: Rudolph Wurlitzer, Chickering, Jonas Chickering, Cabaret, Casino
  • Wyman Piano Co.
    Mfg. in China
  • Yamaha
    Mfg. in Thomaston, Georgia; Taiwan; Northern China and Japan?
    Brand Names include Yamaha, Cable Nelson
  • Young Chang
    Mfg. in Seoul, Korea; Tianjin, China

11 Responses to Piano Brands ~ Manufacturers

  • I am an infection control nurse for a hospital. We have an inpatient hospice house and someone donated a Story & Clark piano there. How can the keys be cleaned–preferrably disinfected–safely? I would imagine that EPA-registered products would be too harsh?

  • Hi, we have a piano that says F.G.Leicht, New York and the serial number is 56784. Can you tell me anything about it. Thank you.

  • I am seeking information on a baby grand piano…..mostly to see what I have in terms of value and restoration. It is a K.K. Privilegium A. Parttarten in Wien in good condition.

  • hello.i want to buy a c116 schimmel it a good purchase for a life? if is not pls.suggest to me what is the best.i have 16000 $.

    • The only Schimmel pianos I have worked on have all been grand pianos. My opinion of the Schimmel brand is that they are good pianos, at least the ones I have serviced. I would have to see the piano before I could recommend it however.

  • I have a 1920 wurlizter in good shape I beleive its a studio or console type. Whats is the worth range



  • If you had $8,000 to spend and wanted the best for your one and only life time purchase, what small grand would you buy?

    • I would look at all pianos in that price range that interest me, and pick out at least two and have a technician look them over. Which ever piano the tech recommended is the one I would buy.

  • Have you ever heard of a Dixon and Smith piano? I may be getting one soon, but I can’t find any info on the company other than it was closed in the 1930’s. I plan on hiring you to tune it, so any info is appreciated.

    • Unfortunately, Dixon and Smith piano company is not listed in the Piano Atlas and if I have ever serviced one – I don’t remember doing so… I wish I could be of more help. Sorry

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