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Piano Tuning Fee

Price for basic Piano tuning

A basic piano tuning fee is $135. If the pitch of the piano is low to the point it needs extra work, pitch changes are $85. Customers with pianos that have not been tuned recently should expect a piano tuning fee between $135 and $220.

Although basic piano tuning usually only takes 45-90 minutes, I recommend reserving two hours for complete service.

Quality Piano tuning Is The Best Economy!

Customers pay thousands of dollars for their instruments and to gamble on piano care in effort to avoid a small difference in tuning cost is an unnecessary gamble.

I fear potential customers who shop for the cheapest piano tuner do not realize the enormous differences among piano tuners. While everyone enjoys a bargain, the care of your piano should only be entrusted to a qualified professional. Quality is the best economy.

There are three issues that influence a customer’s opinion of a piano tuner’s service:

  1. The opinion of the person who recommended the piano tuner.
  2. The personality and presentation of the piano tuner.
  3. The price / fee / cost of service of the piano tuner.

If a piano tuner / technician’s prices are low it raises doubts; “If he is so good, why are his prices lower than my last tuner, or lower than my friend’s piano tuner?”

Piano Tuning ~ There Is a Difference!

Many piano tuners adopt lower service standards, believing customers can’t distinguish the difference in quality. More often than not, the bargain-basement tuner underestimates his customers; customers can and do notice the difference.

Several years ago, I walked into a store and saw a humorous sign on the wall that read:

We don’t mind our competitors charging less ~ they know what their stuff is worth!

Piano Tuner Customers Say: