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Tuning pianos in Kansas City

Piano Tuning PinsI have been tuning pianos for concerts, recitals and personal in-home piano service since 1984 in the Greater Kansas City area.

My passion for piano tuning ignited while traveling from 1978-1983. I moved back to Kansas City in 1983 and discovered a wealth of valuable information from the local piano technicians; through their support and my hard work, my piano tuning business grew rapidly.

In 1984, I joined the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG). After completing the PTG’s tuning exam, the administrators said I scored higher on the piano tuning exam than anyone tested by the Kansas City PTG chapter.

Acclaimed Piano Artists

I was a member of the Piano Technicians Guild for several years before becoming independent of the organization. As an independent piano technician, I have tuned for professional pianists and recording artists such as: George Winston, Dino Kartsonakis, Joan Baez, Howard Hill, Kem Owens, etc. I have tuned for various artists at the Music Hall, Midland Theatre, the Kansas City Symphony, concerts at Worlds of Fun, Crown Center, Saint Joseph’s University, the Hyatt Regency, the UpTown Theater and for a season, took care of the pianos for the International Piano Competition held in Joplin, Missouri at Missouri Southern State University.

Piano Tuning for Legendary Kansas City Pianist

However, the customer I am most proud of knowing and tuning for, and who, over the years became a friend, is the legendary Kansas City pianist Richard Cass. Before his passing on Saturday, November 28, 2009, Mr. Cass wrote the following kind words of support:

Chuck Littau has “nursed” my Steinway “B” since I acquired it two decades ago. Due to his expertise and sensitivity, it sounds as good or better than it did when I acquired it. I have never hesitated to recommend him to friends – both professional and non-professional – and I have yet to hear a report of anything but satisfaction with his fine work. He has the respect of his fellow technicians and he certainly has mine! ~ Richard Cass, Pianist

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