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What Customers Have Said

With  a customer base composed of some of the most considerate, kind, polite and loyal people, I am truly blessed. Thank you for your business and special thanks to everyone for leaving such-kind words of support.  It is much appreciated!

Each and every comment is important to my piano tuning business.

Thank You!

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25 Responses to What Customers Have Said

  • My Wurlitzer “vertical grand” just didn’t have the clean, pure tone I’d known from other Wurlitzer pianos, even though it had been recently tuned. Chuck Littau spent about three hours with it and brought back the sound I was looking for. Not having prior experience with Mr. Littau made me a bit uneasy for any significant work on my piano but I now know he is the seasoned, experienced, professional I was hoping for. THANKS!!!

  • Your website is nearly perfect.

  • I have a console piano which I bought in 1971. Early on, it had a wonderful tone and provided lots of pleasure when played and when listened to. In recent years, its tone had become more and more “brassy” even immediately after being tuned. Recently, I contacted Chuck and asked him to come check it out and tune it. He did and the first thing he noted was its brassy tone. After thoroughly looking it over, he told me it needed several things done to restore its sound. He began working on it, and as he did, he told me each thing he found that needed to be done and proceeded to do each of those things. He worked on the piano for 3 hours, carefully raising its pitch, voicing the instrument, and tuning it. When he finished, I was amazed. When I exclaimed about how it sounded, he just grinned and said that it really did need some work! I now have my wonderful sounding piano back and have thoroughly enjoyed playing it again.

  • Chuck has been servicing my piano since 1998. He not only tunes the piano, but points out possible trouble issues with recommendations on how to either fix or avoid those issues. I appreciate his wonderful service.

  • Chuck is the consummate professional. He totally revived my 40 year old Yahama piano. He literally removed each key and fixed them so that they each had the right “bounce-back” and tension. Further, he adjusted the strings and finally tuned the piano. The sound and the feel of the piano is better than when it was new! Thank you Chuck for not only your expertise, but also your demeanor and caring personality.

    Darrell G.

  • Chuck has tuned my piano and most recently he came out and cleaned and polished the entire inside and out of the piano. My piano is 26 years old and he made it look like the day I bought it 26 years ago! Chuck is a great tuner, and knows how to make a great instrument look like new. I would heartily recommend his services and work.

  • How wonderful to see this beautiful web site! Very informative and functional as well. What a talented person you are – fine piano tuner as well as an excellent web master! Well done, Chuck!

  • We were a first time customer, and were very pleased with the piano tuning! It had not been tuned in a few years, so it was not the easiest tuning, I’m sure! We will be calling on Chuck again for our future piano tuning!

  • Chuck did a wonderful job tuning our piano. We were very pleased.

  • My wife and I purchased a 125 year old Steinway, which, though beautiful, was not playable. It had not been tuned in years and sounded awful. Chuck, however, was undeterred and went straight to work, patiently adjusting the tuning pins. He then changed several broken strings (not an easy task) and tuned the piano so that it sounds great. I want to express my sincere appreciation for his work. It is very clear that he knows what he is doing and that he truly loves his work. Thanks again.

  • I wanted to tell you that your Web site is very well designed. It is easy to find all of the pertinent information such as hours available, cost of tuning, testimonials, and it is especially easy to schedule an appointment. Thanks for making it so easy!

  • Chuck has done a great job keeping our aging pianos in the best possible shape. His sensitivity to tone and touch make it a pleasure to sit at the piano following his work. He always keeps you well informed on the status of your instrument and includes prevention as part of his service. It’s nice when your technician leaves the piano sounding better each time he services it!

  • Chuck was very professional and pleasant to work with. Not only did he tune our piano to the point that it sounded precise and delightful, but he also noted some maintenance issues that concerned him. For no extra charge, he provided consultation and advice on what we should do to maintain and repair our piano. I gladly recommend him for anyone who needs a piano serviced and will certainly work with him in the future.

  • Chuck knows his business and does an excellent job of bringing our piano to a perfect pitch. I truly enjoy sitting at the piano after he has tuned it—what a difference he makes. I do not remember when he first tuned our piano but it has been many years. He is trustworthy; I have had to leave for awhile when he is here and I do not have to worry about my absence from the house. He is definately a perfectionist and wants my piano in tip top shape when he leaves. He gets a #10 in my book! Thanks, Chuck Littau!

  • My piano has never sounded so good. I can hardly keep my hands off of it. It is amazing. Thanks so much.

  • Chuck has been tuning my piano since I brought it into my home. He has always been reliable, professional, thoughtful and pleasant. Of importance to me is the care he takes as he goes through the process of tuning. The piano sounds wonderful thanks to his attentiveness. In addition, he has become a dear friend.

  • Chuck has been caring for my piano for over a decade. He has tuned it regularly, and has always done a wonderful job. Chuck is also very good at fixing mechanical problems that occur – irregular voicing on a few hammers, occasional double-striking, a new annoying string noise or overtone, etc. I don’t think I have stumped him yet. I have asked him to voice a few specific hammers – and on occasion the whole keyboard. It is always a pleasure to play the piano when he is done.

  • When I purchased my first grand piano over 14 years ago, Chuck was the piano tech assigned to me for my first tuning and he’s been my tech ever since. He tunes and voices my new Baldwin grand to exactly how I want it to sound. He’s quite the professional and stands by his work.

  • Chuck has come to our house regularly for over 20 years to tune our Yamaha grand. He has always done an excellent job, and our piano sounds as good today as it did the day we got it. We greatly appreciate Chuck’s dedication and professionalism.

  • Chuck has tuned my old Baldwin Acrosonic for the past several years. He is professional, friendly, very knowledgeable and keeps my old piano sounding great. I especially like the pre-appointments and reminder cards. Nice touch!

  • Chuck has tuned my Kawai for over 10 years. I have been very pleased with Chuck’s service and the performance of my piano. I have six friends who now call on Chuck for piano tuning.

  • Chuck has been tuning and voicing my grand piano for 20 years. I consider him a friend and a competent technician. I’ve taught piano for many years and appreciate a piano that is in tune, well voiced, and in good repair.

  • Chuck is the first technician to understand what we needed in the way of voicing and functionality. Chuck regulated the key dip and action, voiced the strings and hammers, tuned, and cleaned my Petrof 5’8”. Talk about the WOW effect. We have found a permanent tuner !!!!

  • We have always appreciated Chuck Littau’s professional and responsible work on the pianos at Blue Ridge Blvd. United Methodist Church. His thoroughness and excellent knowledge keep our instruments, including a Baldwin grand piano, in tip top shape! I would recommend him highly for piano tuning and maintenance, as well as for recommendations and opinions regarding repairs and purchases.

  • Chuck Littau has “nursed” my Steinway “B” since I acquired it two decades ago. Due to his expertise and sensitivity, it sounds as good or better than it did when I acquired it. I have never hesitated to recommend him to friends – both professional and non-professional – and I have yet to hear a report of anything but satisfaction with his fine work. He has the respect of his fellow technicians and he certainly has mine!

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