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With a customer base composed of some of the most considerate, kind, polite and loyal people, I am truly blessed. Thank you for your business and special thanks to everyone for leaving such-kind words of support. It is much appreciated!

Each and every comment is important to my piano tuning business.

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33 Years of Piano Tuning Experience

Piano Tuning Pins

I have been tuning pianos for concerts, recitals and personal in-home piano service for thirty years in the Greater Kansas City area.

My passion for piano tuning ignited while traveling from 1978-1983. I moved back to Kansas City in. . .

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How often should a piano be tuned?


Manufacturer recommendations ~ Who would know better, when you should tune your piano than the people who make pianos?

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How does humidity affect my piano?

Water drops

A good understanding of how humidity relates to the health of your piano has the potential of adding years of life to your piano.

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Should my piano be voiced?


Voicing is the process of regulating and improving piano tone preformed by a skilled piano tuner. It is truly amazing how much better a piano sounds with good voicing.

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