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Chuck has done a great job keeping our aging pianos in the best possible shape. His sensitivity to tone and touch make it a pleasure to sit at the piano following his work. He always keeps you well informed on the status of your instrument and includes prevention as part of his service. It’s nice when your technician leaves the piano sounding better each time he services it!
Ron Steen
Northland Cathedral

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How Often Should A Piano Be Tuned?


Who would know better, when you should tune your piano than the people who make pianos? What do piano manufacturers recommend?

How does humidity affect my piano?


A good understanding of how humidity relates to the health of your piano has the potential of adding years of life to your piano.

Should my piano be voiced?


Voicing is the process of regulating and improving piano tone preformed by a skilled piano tuner. It is truly amazing how much better a piano sounds with good voicing.